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Fox Lake Cree Nation Chief and Council Report


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Fox Lake Cree Nation Chief and Council:
Chief Morris Beardy
Councillor Sophie Lockhart
Councillor Dolly Peters

Former Councillors

Francis Neepin, George Neepin, Conway Arthurson, Lena Spence-Hanson, Andrew Wavey, Martin Nicholas


  • October 2015 – By-election for Band Councillor
  • September 2015 – Fox Lake received $1.1 million for the 2015 Keeyask Adverse Effects Guaranteed Annual Amount. This funding will be used to support community programming (youth recreation, Elders programs and community gatherings) and repair 40 trailers located in Gillam, MB; 
    • A) Fox Lake Ventures sponsored Manito Ahbee to promote Fox Lake’s Businesses and Economic Development opportunities;
    • B) Fox Lake Cree Nation received a funding commitment from AANDC to begin consultations with membership on the TLE process. We expect membership to vote on ratifying/signing the Treaty Entitlement Agreement under the Manitoba TLE Framework Agreement; and
    • C) Due to the federal government’s funding change, Fox Lake is no longer on a Block Fund arrangement and now has an annual contribution arrangement, Fox Lake has presented a 5 year Capital Plan to the members at the band meeting and submitted a copy to AANDC.
  • July – August, 2015 – Tendered the H&OPI to three construction companies of which two quotes were received and Fox Lake provided Manitoba Hydro with info in order for the release of 2007 Keeyask Adverse Effects Guaranteed Annual Amount. Fox Lake Band Council and Administration awarded contract to Matix Lumber for the construction of new band office and health centre;
  • July 17, 2015 – Fox Lake received funds for H&OPI;
  • May 2015 – Grand opening of Fox Rentals of which Fox Lake Ventures purchased a fleet of six trucks located on A Kwis Ki Mahka reserve to meet the need of transportation rentals as a result of the numerous Hydro related economic activity;
  • February 4, 2015 – after 5 years of negotiations, members passed a motion with a mandate for Chief and Council to accept the final settlement of $22 million Keewatinohk/Bi-Bole;
  • At the same meeting, the community approved two changes:
    • A) the 2007 plan for Housing and other Physical Infrastructure (H&OPI) file in order to construct a new Band Office, Nursing Station, Personal Care Home and Nursing Residence. Met with Manitoba Hydro, Manitoba Health, and First Nations Inuit & Health for capital funding – FNIH has not committed outstanding capital fund; and
    • B) program change as a result of members requests for repairs/retrofitting of the 2009 40 trailers purchase due to mold and housing issues.
  • January – February: 3 weeks of water crisis of frozen water pipes at Bird reserve. Worked with AANDC for emergency assistance for equipment and water delivery to community. Manitoba Hydro also provided emergency assistance;


  • Chief and Council had numerous meetings with Manitoba Hydro to enforce their corporate responsibility to the social welfare of Fox Lake Cree Nation and our membership. Our perseverance has now paid off;
  • On August 21, 2014, Chief and Council were able to secure a commitment from Hydro to jointly develop a work plan for our future Construction Company to be awarded all the work for housing-related work in Gillam, such as roof repairs, and home renovations. Furthermore, within this work package there will be training opportunities for those who wish to learn construction-related trades;
  • Furthermore, Chief and Council asserted Fox Lake’s rightful position in regards to Manitoba Hydro’s plans for Gillam Redevelopment Expansion Plan (GREP). Upon successful negotiation, Hydro approved FLCN’s funding proposal for Ralph Beardy’s firm (Oodanooketoh Inc) to develop Fox Lake’s community plan under GREP and a Land Use Plan;
  • November 4, 2014 - Grand opening of Fox Lake Gaming Centre and Fox Lake Smoke Shop on A Kwis Ki Mahka reserve (aka Kettle Crescent) located within the Town of Gillam; and
  • December, 2014 – Submitted qualitative reports and financial statements for Keeyask Adverse Effects programs to Manitoba Hydro


  • Reviewed 2009 VLT business plan and worked with KTC to complete it;
  • Realized larger opportunity for FLCN by developing a Commercial business plan on Kettle Crescent reserve for a Hotel and 2 level conference centre housing the VLT’s which was turned down by the membership by settling for a one level VLT centre;
  • Negotiated key terms agreement between FLCN and Manitoba Hydro regarding Conawapa;
  • Advocated for members concerns of safety, health and environment risks regarding Omni-trax’s announcement to transport crude oil to Churchill by passing through Fox Lake’s reserves of Kettle Crescent and Bird;
  • Initiate meeting with York Factory, War Lake, and Tataskwayak, with Minister Ashton regarding PR 280;
  • Upon numerous concerns for land and housing, a review of Treaty Land Entitlement file lead to meetings with the federal department of AANDC and TLE Centre.


  • Voluntary fire evacuation experience in Fox Lake and Gillam;
  • Continued series of meetings with Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre with the objective of taking over the administration and programming of Fox Lake School;
  • Received mandate from members working at Manitoba Hydro to address institutional racism in the workplace:
    • Recruitment of Community Liaison Officer at Gillam Services; and
    • Supported Hydro’s contract for Facilitated Solutions to work with Gillam Services.


Grand opening of Fox Lake Gaming Centre set for October 2014


The Fox Lake Cree Nation currently consists of about 1100 members with about 500 residents in the home Reserves in Bird and Gillam Reserve and the Town of Gillam. The remaining members live mainly in Thompson, Churchill and Winnipeg. FLCN is signatory to 1910 Adhesion to Treaty 5 signed at York Factory. In 1947, Canada recognizes the Gillam Band as an independent Band and renamed the Fox Lake Band in 1949.



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